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As I’m sure you heard yesterday, Landmark will be shutting down on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

It is a day we all hoped would never come, but that we were bracing for since Daybreak took the reins.

I sincerely hope that the Landmark crew will be redistributed within Daybreak, but for those who are not, I wish them nothing but success in wherever their journeys take them.

It’s been fun, and I truly enjoyed sharing Landmark with all of you. This site will remain for now, but I will be focusing on the EverQuest II portion of CraftNorrath for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for your support, and I’ll see you in EQ2!

~ Angela

Landmark has officially launched, and I hope you’re all having a great time in-game so far!

I finally have all the recipes up on the site. In case I missed something, please let me know by leaving a comment on the recipe page with the correct information or by submitting a new recipe using this handy form.

If you haven’t heard, Landmark is slated to launch this Friday, June 10th! Trailblazers will have early access, which is scheduled to start at 10:00am PST on Wednesday, June 8th. Keep in mind that THERE WILL BE A PRE-LAUNCH WIPE of all characters & claims.

There’s lots of info on the official forums, but here are the most important posts:

Landmark Launches June 10th! ~ Landmark Launch FAQs ~ Launch Wipe Q&A

Since the March update, a lot of the outfit colors have been jumbled around. As a result, the outfits you craft in-game at the Lumen Station will probably not look the way you expect them to! This is a known issue and will hopefully be fixed in an update in the near future.

In addition, some outfit recipes have icons that don’t match their titles or descriptions. I’ll add the issue to the Issue Tracker after I’ve gone through the rest of the outfit recipes!

The big March update (and a hotfix or two) are in, but please be aware that there are multiple huge new bugs that found their way in with it.

Check out this forum post and this forum post for known issues, and keep an eye on the Issue Tracker.

As I mentioned before, all of the recipes will be getting reviewed to make sure they’re up to date. Please don’t freak out — the updates are coming as quickly as I can get them in! I will grey out links in the Guides section on the left that have not been 100% vetted; any “normal” links you see there should be corrected with the new data.

Thanks again for your patience!

The game is currently down to implement the HUGE March update!

Read more about the many, many changes here.

As usual, I will need to comb through each recipe after the game servers are up again in order to make sure they’re up to date with the latest in-game data. Stay tuned for status updates!

Daybreak Games told us last week that the other shoe has dropped: EverQuest Next is officially canceled. 🙁 The bad news was quickly followed by good, however…

It was announced last week that Landmark will be launching this Spring! Check out Executive Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale’s letter to the community:

Landmark Launching Spring 2016!

Please note that this news comes with the caveat that there will be at least 2 more character & claim wipes in the coming weeks. The launch FAQ has answers to common questions, and Emily “Domino” Taylor posted the following informative threads:

There’s also another exciting new feature we can look forward to: Chaos Caverns! Read more about these mini-adventures in Josh “Augur” Augustine’s post.

I’ve just finished adding all the new holiday props introduced today. A couple of items are bugged (they require Cut Glass to place, which is no longer in-game) but that will be changed in tomorrow morning’s hotfix.

Another bug introduced today that should be squished tomorrow is a whopper: You can’t Disassemble ANY props — you can only pick them up or move them! Again, the hotfix should take care of this, but be aware of this behavior in the meantime and don’t panic! 🙂

EDIT @ 10:57pm: Take note that many of the Halas props have gone AWOL, as noted here. FYI!

EDIT @ 4:20pm: Cut Glass props are fixed, Disassembly is back, and the Halas props have returned! (Some Halas props are showing up in Decor as well as in Decor > Misc (which is where they should be)…hopefully will be taken care of in the next hotfix, but it’s just aesthetic and shouldn’t affect anything.)

The servers came up a few hours ago, and holy guacamole! The new continent shapes and biomes are gorgeous, and I’ve already got a sweet group of claims on Serenity/Silver Shallows. 🙂

As expected, I’ll need to go through all the recipes to make sure the info is still correct. I’ll be “un-publishing” recipes that have not been confirmed by me in-game yet and re-publishing them after they’ve been reviewed.

Some good news is that now the recipes for all armor pieces from all armor sets are shown right there in your Journal. The recipes here on the site will still need actual stats, but the ingredients and descriptions for each item are no longer a mystery.

Thanks in advance for hanging in there while I get everything sorted out!

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

The servers went down 6 hours ago and the enormous game update has begun. While you wait out the anticipated 48-72 hour downtime, check out the update notes!

There will be many, many updates to this site as a result, of course, so please be patient with me after the servers are back up and I begin to filter in all the new and changed data.

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