Supercooled Power Armor
Supercooled Power Armor
While wielding a Water weapon, your Basic Attacks can shatter Frozen opponents, dealing damage and spreading Freeze to all nearby opponents.

Heavy Armor provides a large bonus to maximum life and a small bonus to damage.
Station: Replicator
Keyword: Water
Smelted Tin
Keyword: LightningKeyword: EarthKeyword: RadianceKeyword: Water
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Category: Smelted Metal
Matte gray smelted metal created using Tin Ore at a Replicator.
Cut Sapphire
Keyword: EarthKeyword: LightningKeyword: ShadowKeyword: Water
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Category: Cut Gemstone
Rich blue cut gemstone created using Sapphire at a Replicator.
Adventure Essence
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Category: Ethereal Essence
The glowing essence of adventure! It can be used to craft {{Weapons}}, {{Armor}}, and {{Accessories}} at a Replicator.
Water Essence
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Category: Elemental Essence
This orb of elemental energy is used to create monster spawners and combat items that are aligned with the essence of Water.


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